Vision & Mission

Our vision is to continue to develop a modern, contemporary and innovative approach to learning that is purposeful and relevant to the lives of children and families today. It is our dream to continue to grow as a vibrant Catholic professional learning community that fosters reflective thinking and learning displaying this through authentic actions within the school and the wider community.

Our professional learning community (PLC) provides a wonderful opportunity for you to be involved in a learning community of the 21st Century. Through our innovative pedagogy accompanied by flexible learning spaces and outdoor learning spaces the physical environment provides opportunities for personalised and cooperative learning preparing children for a future of life long learning. As Principal I am committed to ensuring success in the key competencies of literacy and numeracy, as well as a knowledge and understanding of our ever-changing world. Through a Faith and Life Inquiry approach to religious learning. I hope to provide opportunities for our community to consider what it means to be a Catholic within a multi-faith and culturally enriched society; that is; to be a Recontextualising Dialogue school.