Calligraphy competition

As part of our inquiry focus about Japanese characters students in Year 5-6 have engaged in a brush calligraphy competition. The focus for this year’s competition was “seasons”. As learners and self-managers students were required to accurately reproduce the character for the word “umbrella” with traditional brush and ink. A number of these pieces were selected for entry in the JLTAV brush calligraphy competition. The competition is conducted annually by the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria and gives students the opportunity to showcase their learning of Japanese kanji characters. We are proud to acknowledge that Kiara Keegan was awarded the first prize and Mankiratjot Multani the second prize out of all Year 5-6 entries statewide. They both received medallions and a certificate to acknowledge their success. Bahhia Daniel and Emily Gecas also received participation certificates. Well done to these students for their engagement in this learning.